Energy management for businesses

Energy management is more than just a catchphrase. In today’s world, with rising electricity prices and national electricity suppliers stretched to the limit, Energy Reduction Plans (ERPs) are fast becoming business essentials. Not only do they help increase your bottom line by reducing overall energy costs, they liberate you from reliance on national grids. By decreasing your running costs, you could see tangible differences in your take-home profits.
why choose eldo?


saves you

There is no need to
do everything at once.

ELDO believes in gradual optimisation and a proactive approach, implemented in stages. Our goal is to continually improve your baseline profits.

You get a fully financed
and managed solution
with guaranteed savings.

As a single provider, we offer everything that you need. This eliminates the hassle of juggling multiple technology vendors, which can result in inconclusive audits and expensive equipment.

We are not here to sell you products.

ELDO is a technology-agnostic company. We custom-design the most suitable cost-effective energy-reduction technologies to optimise your savings.

ELDO takes on the responsibility of maintaining all project equipment for the duration of your contract.
We have various maintenance-plan options you can choose from.

Electricity providers

cost you

Electricity prices are
increasing each year.

This means that your costs continue to climb, impacting on your bottom line.

Municipalities don’t read your electricity meter
each month.

You therefore receive inaccurate bills based on guesswork which could see you paying for more than you’ve actually used. This does little to optimise your tariff planning.

Load-shedding impacts business productivity.

Power cuts are occurring throughout Africa with increasing regularity. This is more than just an inconvenience – it results in monumental financial and productivity loss, with a lasting effect on the economy.

How we work


How we work

We analyse your business processes to determine the quickest, most efficient ways to save energy.
We work with you to devise tailor-made, viable Energy-Management opportunities that are implemented
over time. We always start with the lowest hanging fruit, which helps streamline the budget and ensures
minimal disruption to your business operations. We’ve partnered with leading technology suppliers to
ensure that the highest quality products are installed. This results in Energy-Management solutions that last.
The steps we take

The steps to unlock

your energy savings.


  • Monitor
    Client Usage
  • Determine
  • Establish
    a Baseline
  • Verify
    & Optimise
  • Eldo
  • Energy
    Plan (ERP)
  • Turnkey
  • Ongoing Money
    Energy & Carbon

Our Auditing Process.

A team of energy auditors and trained technicins conduct on-site energy audits at your building/s. Individual audits are carried out at each and every one of your buildings, since each site is unique and comes with different energy systems and operational requirements.

Energy audits determine:

  • The technology interventions available and how much they’ll cost.
  • The money you could save each month as well as your payback and returns.
  • What your incentive options are (e.g Eskom rebates,carbon credits, funding grants,etc.).

These factors help ELDO simulate different scenarios for you. We provide you with solutions that give the best possible return-on-investment (ROI) to maximise savings.

The ELDO Suite of Energy-Reduction Technologies.

ELDO does not sell products. We provide your business with the best energy-management solutions, carefully designed with customised components from a number of leading technology suppliers. We leverage our resources and purchasing power to deliver a cost-effective solution for our clients.


  • Voltage Optimisation
  • Harmonic Filters
  • Power-Factor Correction
  • Efficient Motors
  • Variable Speed Drives (VSD)

Cooling Heating

  • Solar Heat Collection
  • Hybrid HVAC Systems
  • Waste Heat Utilisation
  • Absorption Chilling
  • Heat Pumps


  • Retrofits (LED, Induction)
  • Delamping/Daylight
  • Occupancy Sensors


  • Smart Metering
    (Energy, Water & Gas)
  • Peak-Demand Management
  • Environmental Intelligence
  • Utility Management
  • Energy Management
    Reporting Software


  • Change Management

Renewable Energy Generation

  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV)
  • Bio Digesters and Waste-to-Energy


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