An integrated energy approach for utilities

ELDO’s Smart Grid ecosystem allows utilities to better manage their infrastructure and assets across generation, transmission, distribution and end-consumers. Now utilities can monitor electrical and water networks through the Smart Grid’s centralised system of networks and nodes. It monitors the performance and health of the distribution centre, to proactively manage any maintenance or fault issues. Smart Grids gather electricity and water data in real time; they notify utilities and distributors of power-quality hotspots and network outages; and they manage demand fluctuations as well as proactively optimise maintenance of critical infrastructure.
The steps we take

Our Approach
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Smart City.

A Smart City allows you to become energy independent. It is a neural-like network of sensors, actuators and technologies that enable you to generate, manage, track and control the flow of energy through a grid. Live data, renewable generation, energy efficiency, battery back-up and load control technologies are all integrated in a localised energy market which benefits all consumers and generators of energy.

Why choose ELDO?

The benefits of ELDO’s smart grid solution

Automated Meter Reading
(AMR) and Automated
Meter Infrastructure (AMI).

Electricity and water Smart
Metering for residential,
commercial and industrial users.

Monitoring and management
of distribution infrastructure
and sub-stations.

Compatibility with both
municipal management
and end consumers.

Automated account
billing and statements

hardware with Open-Platform
Master Data Management
System (MDMS) for ease
of integration.

Integration into existing
IT infrastructure
(SAP, Oracle, eVenus).

Turnkey implementation
with ongoing project
management and utility
management support.

User-friendly dashboard
and reports.

Complete monitoring,
control and reporting.

High encryption standards
for both consumption
and user data.

The challenges facing utilities

Utilities have to manage
thousands of meter readings.
The increase in water and electricity meter readings places increased pressure on utilities’ administrative duties. The fact that many of these meters are inaccessible creates a logistical nightmare.
Revenue collection is unreliable and time-inefficient.
Chasing users for payment creates an unstable financial cycle. It can negatively affect a utility’s cash-flow.
Access to funding is a challenge.
Sourcing, implementing and maintaining utility finance is not easy – it can add strain to an already-stretched budget.
It’s difficult to integrate
multiple vendors with
incompatible hardware
and software systems.
The range of meter hardware and software OEMs on the market make it difficult for utilities to integrate systems and efficiently address inter-operability.
Business intelligence
is expensive and
often misguided.
Collecting data is easy but municipalities struggle to extract practical and actionable value from that data.
Data and user security has
to be constantly maintained.
Keeping security systems up to date and safe from threats is an ongoing responsibility that can be time-consuming. It requires constant monitoring.

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