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Saving Solutions

We analyse your business processes to determine the quickest, most efficient ways to save energy. We work with you to devise tailor-made, viable energy-management opportunities that are implemented over time. We always start with the lowest hanging fruit, which helps streamline the budget and ensures minimal disruption to your business operations. We’ve partnered with leading technology suppliers to ensure that the highest quality products are installed. This results in energy-management solutions that last.
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Our energy-saving



Ongoing Energy and
Utility Management.The Smart Metering revolution

The Smart Metering revolution

The Smart Meter has revolutionised the way people pay for and consume electricity. With a Smart Meter, now you have the ability to pay only for what you use – no longer are you left powerless when receiving monthly energy bills that are inaccurate or estimated.A Smart Meter is to an old municipal meter what a laptop is to a typewriter; by keeping up with the times you could cut your electricity bills significantly.

How it works.

A Smart Meter is connected to your incoming electricity supply to read your energy consumption data. It wirelessly sends this data to our software servers via the cellular network. ELDO has developed a dynamic online software platform, the ELDO Gateway, to interpret this data. This allows you to better understand and manage your energy usage, whether it’s for a business or household. You cannot manage what you don’t measure!

Monitor Your Energy + Proactive Energy Management = Money and Energy Savings

The ELDO Gateway.

Stay up to date with your energy usage.

With the ELDO Gateway platform, you now have access to a user-friendly dashboard that allows you to track your energy consumption and costs in real time. Your data usage will be translated into easy-to-understand representations, so you can make optimal energy decisions both daily and in the long term. And you are not alone – ELDO will provide you with ongoing energy-management recommendations to reduce your energy costs. These recommendations could be based on usage, tariff, power quality or energy-efficiency opportunities, depending on your data readings.

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Lighting.Brighter, smarter lighting that saves you money

People often don’t give much thought to lighting. Yet by implementing the right systems, it is one of the easiest ways you can save money. Year after year buildings waste money by using old, energy-inefficient lighting infrastructure. These archaic systems and technologies squander cash; sometimes, the infrastructure being used is so outdated that manufacturers have even stopped producing its equivalent.
By upgrading to a superior lighting system, you can cut your costs significantly and increase your bottom line. Plus, you could achieve better lighting levels than before, making your work environment safer.

How ELDO can help

ELDO clients have seen energy-consumption savings from 30% up to a staggering 80% on some technologies. We’ve delivered savings in excess of 5MW to various clients thus far. We are not aligned with any specific technology or brand – ELDO’s priority is to find the best system that works for you. Taking into account your requirements and budget, we will audit your building/s and design a solution based on that. We will then help you select and implement the best technology to create real savings.


LED Lighting
(Light-Emitting Diodes)

When you install LED lights, you reduce overall energy usage which lowers costs. Since this technology has a far greater lifespan expectancy than older lighting systems, you reduce maintenance and procurement cycles too.


Flourescent and Metal
Halide Technologies

Thanks to new technology advancements, it’s now possible to convert your existing conventonal light fittings into a more energy-efficient system. Although not as effecient or long-lasting as LED lighting, those economical technologies are a cheaper retrofit solution.


Induction Lighting

With a good balance between light output, life expectancy and efficiency, induction lighting has proved to be a game changer within the ighting industry. It offers an alternate option for higher wattage lamp fittings, instead of the more expensive LED variant.


  • More heat losses
  • Lower cost
  • Energy inefficient
  • Shorter life span


  • Low cost per W
  • Up to 50% savings
  • Lowest lumen output per W


  • Higher cost per W
  • 50% savings
  • Higher lumen output per W
  • Longer life span


  • Highest cost per W
  • Up to 90% savings
  • Higher lumen output per W
  • Longest life span

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Power Quality.Minimise losses, protect your electrical assets and save money.

Power Quality does not just depend on the equipment you use in your electrical network – there are various factors that come into play. Electrical losses can occur which create unnecessary energy costs, negatively impacting your electricity bill. These electrical losses can also affect the durability and lifespan of costly electrical equipment found on the network. ELDO’s Power Quality solutions rectify these electrical losses and save you money.

How we improve
your Power Quality.

Power Factor
Correction (PFC)

Improved Power Factor lowers kVA demand. This reduces demand charges (R/kVA savings) and minimises inefficiencies within your electrical system.


Voltage Optimisation stabilises the incoming voltage that’s supplied by your municipality. It eliminates harmful voltage spikes and troughs, which improves the operating efficiency of your electrical equipment. This means that you save on kWh consumption and related costs.


Harmonic Filters reduce wasted energy and harmful electrical noise. This wasted energy is normally converted to heat which is detrimental to most electrical components. By using Harmonic Filters, electrical noise and distortions within your electrical system are eliminated.

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Solar PV.Generate kWh from the sun

Solar Photovoltaic (PV) technology converts sunlight into electricity, which you can use to power your building’s electrical equipment. Solar PV technology has been tried and tested across the world, and it has a life expectancy of more than 25 years. By installing a Solar PV system you are, in essence, converting your site into a mini power station. It does not matter if it’s for a household, commercial building, large industrial factory or agricultural farm – Solar PV is a reliable, renewable energy-generation solution for you.

How does Solar PV work?

A Solar PV system
is made up of two
main components:

Solar PV Panels

These panels convert sunlight into a Direct Current (DC).

String Inverters

The Direct Current (DC) is fed into a String Inverter, which converts the DC to an Alternating Current (AC). This is then used in your building’s electrical network to offset the electricity requirement from the grid.

With a Solar PV Power Plant you can receive electricity at any time, even when the electricity is down. This is possible through the incorporation of certain technologies:


Batteries store electricity which can be used by your electrical equipment when needed.

Diesel Generator

Integrate a Diesel Generator into your Solar PV Power Plant so that they operate seamlessly. The Solar PV electricity will regulate the Diesel Generator’s electricity so that you save on diesel fuel the more the sun shines.

Take action
against load shedding –
go off-grid.

We remotely monitor and control solar PV parks. This ensures correct installation and enables us to analyse energy production and yield. We can also then detect potential issues in advance.

We maintain core equipment such as PV modules,
transformers, trackers, inverters and support structures in line with industry standards and manufacturer guidelines.

We perform on-site inspections and
regularly check PV installations. These are done by qualified technician teams.

We attend to any PV plant failures.

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