How ELDO can help

Households have seen energy consumption savings from 30% up to a staggering 80% on some technologies. ELDO has delivered savings in excess of 5MW to various clients thus far. We are not aligned with any specific technology or brand – ELDO’s priority is to find the system best suited to your home’s particular requirements and budget. We will do an audit and design a unique solution that creates real savings for you.
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Our energy-saving



The Smart Meter has revolutionised the way people pay for and consume electricity. With a Smart Meter, now you have the ability to pay only for what you use – no longer are you left powerless when receiving monthly energy bills that are inaccurate or estimated.A Smart Meter is to an old municipal meter what a laptop is to a typewriter; by keeping up with the times you could cut your electricity bills significantly.

LED Lighting(Light-Emitting Diodes)

When you install LED lights, you reduce overall energy usage which lowers costs. Since this technology has a far greater lifespan than older lighting systems, the need for household maintenance will decrease too.

CF Lighting(Compact Fluorescent)

This advanced technology is superior to traditional lighting systems in every way. It can save you money and provide you with better-quality lighting levels.



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Heat pumps

Heat pump technology is an affordable, energy-efficient solution for heating water in your home. The recent increase in demand for heat pumps both locally and internationally has brought the cost down significantly, making it a sound investment for residential users. Heating a household will cost you approximately a quarter of the price of standard geyser heating. Heat pumps are a great alternative to solar water geysers from an installation, ascetics and performance point of view. ELDO will audit your household and source the most suitable heat pump technology from our list of preferred suppliers.

How heat pumps work

Heat pumps extract energy from the surrounding air through a refrigeration cycle, which is powered by solar energy. You get access to water which is heated at 60°C both day and night, winter and summer.

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Save money and energy
with a Solar Water Geyser

How it works

A solar water geyser is installed on your roof, in direct line of the sun. The sun heats the water in the pipes, which is transferred back to the holding tank. When you want hot water, it’s as simple as turning on the tap! No electrical connections are required, and since water heating usually accounts for the majority of a household’s electricity usage, this makes it very cost effective. ELDO will audit your household to determine the best geyser to install, depending on your household’s requirements.

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The benefitsof solar water heating

Solar-heated water

is free (no electricity costs).
A solar water geyser
increases your property’s value.
Save up to 40% on
your electricity bill.
You could be eligible
for Eskom rebates.
Green energy is created,
helping preserve the environment.


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