Our energy-saving


The Intelligent Street Lighting Solution:
An overview

Monitoring and
control (Module 1)

This ‘smart’ two-way communication over the GSM network delivers key advantages:

  • Utilities can remotely control street lights, as
    well as receive real-time reporting on the
    status of each public lighting asset. This
    ensures that lights are kept off during the day
    which saves energy and money.
  • If a light replacement is needed, utility
    maintenance teams are alerted as it occurs.

lighting (Module 2)

By replacing existing light fixtures with more efficient LED alternatives, utilities receive key advantages:

  • It delivers between 35 – 70% of direct
    energy and money savings.
  • Replacement costs for streetlight fixtures
    are reduced, since LED lighting has a
    lifespan of 10 years.

The features
of ELDO’s
Intelligent Street Lighting Solution

Wireless, sensor-
based lighting
During off-peak hours, lights dim to pre-determined levels. Whenever a presence is detected, such as a car, bicycle or pedestrian, then the surrounding lights will shine at full brightness.
Remote management
and control
Using web-based software, individual lights can be remotely monitored, managed and controlled. This helps utilities meet local requirements.
via email
Relevant departments receive regular email notification regarding the Intelligent Street Lighting network.
Track energy savings and consumption across the system through custom reports.
If extreme weather conditions occur (such as heavy rain or snow), lighting levels can be adjusted accordingly.
If for any reason there is a system failure, streetlights will shine at full brightness.
The ELDO system can be connected to third-party software and systems like security cameras and traffic management.
Tailored circles
of light
Utilities can configure the amount of lights which will be activated upon detection. Multiple lamps can be triggered as soon as an occupant is sensed, offering a safe circle of light.

How you benefit
from ELDO’s Intelligent
Street Lighting Solution

Financial savings
• Save between 35 – 70% of energy costs.
• Save up to 50% in maintenance costs.
• Get a quick return on investment.
Easy installation
and maintenance
• Installation is as simple as plug and play.
• Configuration is easy.
• It has universal compatibility.
Effective control
and management
• Utilise remote management, control
   and monitoring.
• Automatic failure reports are generated.
• There is data collection and analysis.
• CO₂ emissions and light pollution is reduced.
• Safety and security is increased.
• Adaptive and interactive lighting levels save energy.

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Increase your customer
satisfaction with ELDO’s
Revenue Protection dashboard.

Your customers now have full access to the same data that utilities use for billing, with the added benefit of ELDO’s Energy-Management features. All of this is at zero cost to your customers.


Cash flow is everything.

Get paid on time with ELDO’s Revenue Protection.

When utilities use a manual post-paid system, it is difficult to manage electricity metering, billing, collection and maintenance of municipal customer accounts. This results in an inability to read meters effectively, inaccurate electricity bills with delayed processing, and monthly utility collections which suffer from prolonged timelines. Undercollections of revenue increases overall cash flow and budget pressures. ELDO’s Smart Prepaid solution eliminates these financial issues.

The ELDO Revenue
Protection Solution.

ELDO’s Smart Prepaid Revenue Protection Solution helps utilities improve their cash-flow cycle, enhance process efficiency and ensure service delivery.

This is made possible through the implementation of a Smart Prepaid eWallet Vendoring System, which guarantees that Large Power Users pay utilities on time. If Large Power Users don’t deposit funds into their eWallet upfront, they won’t receive power. Given that 80% of a utility’s revenue comes from commercial and industrial power users, this is an efficient way to tackle cash-flow shortfalls. A domino effect is created, whereby every provider subsequently meets their financial obligations: Large Power Users pay municipalities on time; municipalities pay utilities on time… and no one is in arrears!

The benefits of ELDO’s smart grid solution


There is zero
upfront cost.

Utilities don’t have to worry about paying for any hardware, software, management or maintenance upfront – everything is covered in our performance payment as a percentage of actual collections.

Revenue collection
is always on time.

Since revenue is received upfront, being left in arrears while waiting for payment is now a thing of the past.

Utilities’ credit ratings
are improved.

Now utilities can pay their bills on time, which improves their overall track record.

Improved identification
& reduction of
technical losses.

This is due to real-time utility management through Power Quality and Phasor Diagrams. These identify poor Power Quality, load-balancing problems and
other technical wastages.

Experience a reduction
in customer complaints.

Since the need for estimated meter readings has been eliminated, there is no more guesswork which can result in unfair billing. Actual monthly readings replace the old system.

Enjoy more
customer satisfaction.

Now Large Power User customers have access to a user-friendly, municipal-branded web portal. This allows for easy-to-use Energy Management and prepaid electricity credit purchases.

Unlock business

Utilities can use meter data and client collections to help reporting, forecasting and planning. Data visualization informs and simplifies effective utility operation.

Credit control
is easier.

Utilities will be able to stay up to date with their creditors by managing their debtors better.

The challenges facing utilities


Utilities have to manage
thousands of meter readings.
The increase in water and electricity meter readings places increased pressure on utilities’ administrative duties. The fact that many of these meters are inaccessible creates a logistical nightmare.
Revenue collection is
unreliable and
Chasing users for payment creates an unstable financial cycle. It can negatively impact a utility’s cash flow.
Access to funding
is a challenge.
Sourcing, implementing and maintaining municipal finance is not easy – it can add strain to an already-stretched budget.
It’s difficult to integrate
multiple vendors with
incompatible hardware
and software systems.
The range of meter hardware and software OEMs on the market make it difficult for utilities to integrate systems and efficiently address inter-operability.
Business intelligence
is expensive and
often misguided.
Collecting data is easy but utilities struggle to extract practical and actionable value from that data.
Data and user security has
to be constantly maintained.
Keeping security systems up to date and safe from threats is an ongoing responsibility that can be time-consuming – it requires constant monitoring.


ELDO provides users
with ongoing assistance.

Our Revenue Protection Solution utilises Advanced Metering Intelligence (AMI) technology which delivers via an easy-to-use platform. This platform includes a Utility Management Dashboard that’s linked to our Support Centre, where key account managers provide on-call services to utilities and their customers.


The ELDO Smart
Prepaid solution.

The following diagram illustrates
how this system works.